Keynote Presentation: State of the Solar Installer Address. A review of EnergySage’s Annual Installer Survey results and key-trends highlight.
Vikram Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, EnergySage
Business Workshop: How We’re Getting it Done. Explore how contractors are addressing everyday business demands and long-term planning challenges. Identify tactics appropriate for your business size and stage of growth to improve the health of your business.
Pamela Cargill, Principal, Chaolysti; Thomas Bone, VP of Operations, Civic Solar; Doug Pierce, President, RevoluSun
Action Plan to Lower Your Customer Acquisition Costs. Advice for getting more leads, converting more sales in less time and for fewer dollars.
Vikram Aggarawal, Founder and CEO, EnergySage; Peter Troast, founder and CEO, Energy Circle; Scott Mueller, Co-founder, Solar Lead Factory LLC
Advanced Customer Service. How to optimize your customer to leverage referrals.
Doug Pierce, President, RevoluSun; JT McCook, Sales Consultant, Aurora Solar
Tighten up: Where and how to save in labor, parts, process. Understand the labor equation that supports your decision-making and how to reduce supply chain costs.
Rick Berube, COO, Standard Solar; Thomas Bone, VP of Operations, Civic Solar
Solar + Storage 101: How to identify, deliver air-tight solar + storage proposals.
Adam Gerza, COO, Energy Toolbase
Business Workshop: Building a Personalized Action Plan. Actually prepare an action plan with next steps to improve your business. Session includes personalized feedback, critiquing and coaching.
Pamela Cargill, Principal, Chaolysti