Solar Business Hands-on Workshops:


Affinity Mapping Pain Points Exercise

Pamela Cargill, principal of Chaolysti, leads an open forum and workshop to explore the burning questions and concerns on the minds of all attendees, setting the agenda for the two-day event. Cargill is a top consultant for solar contractors and uses her 12 years of experience working for the largest solar companies in the country to help local contractors achieve success and profitability.

Building Your Personalized Change Plan

We conclude with individualized objectives. Pamela Cargill guides attendees through building their own plan to improve their business. Session includes “office hours” where each participant will get 10-15 minutes to get personalized feedback, critique, coaching, or suggestions from various speakers and event participant business leaders.

Solar Business Classroom Sessions:


Action Plan to Lower Your Customer
Acquisition Costs

What does the data show about where interested solar customers come from? What does the data show about these potential buyers? What are they buying and how are they financing?

  • Tips for cost effective prospecting and developing an online presence.
  • Tips for turning that data into an actionable marketing strategy.
  • Understand the “moment of receptivity” in the sales process and learn what information customers need and when.
  • Explore the tools and operational workflow for most efficiently following up with leads and closing interested customers.
  • Tips on what to automate, what to customize and what requires a personal touch – without overwhelming customers or chasing bad leads.

Advanced customer service: Going beyond smiles with software, strategy

What do the most successful proposals look like? How can you best optimize your data monitoring system and your operational workflow? After the install, how should you follow up with customers? What are the most successful post-sale opportunities?

  • Tips for generating accurate, timely and engaging proposals
  • Understand key customer service touch points and follow up methods.
  • Tips for being proactive across your network of installations and coordinating staff efficiently.
  • Exploring opportunities beyond routine maintenance and truck rolls to add followup services.

Tighten up: Where and how to save in labor, parts, process

How much of your project efficiency can be driven by procuring and installing the right system for the job? What are the main sources of your supply chain costs, and can you reduce these but remain flexible in system offering?

  • Examine the gains achieved through PV design, installation decisions.
  • Tips for designing small costs out of the system design without compromising on quality.
  • Understand the labor equation that supports your decision-making.
  • Tips for streamlining supply chain costs.

Solar + Storage 101: How to identify, deliver air-tight solar + storage proposals

Solar +storage is coming, but how can you effectively add this service? What do you need to target potential projects, and how should you best communicate this to your customers? Is it even profitable yet? When?

  • Learn basic solar + storage system valuation strategies and the key metrics for identifying possible projects.
  • Examine real-life load profile and demand scenarios to understand the impact of several solar + storage arbitrage solutions, determine the true value of solar + storage.
  • Declutter the information and understand how to generate an honest sales proposal, protect customers.