April 24-25, 2018

Philadelphia, PA

Solar Business Boot Camp
April 24-25, 2018


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Get Tough on Soft Costs

The Solar Business Boot Camp will be two days packed with workshops and educational sessions designed for the solar contractor. The focus is strictly on boosting profitability and  reducing pain points using more efficient,  proven business practices. And yes, there  will be ample time to network (have a beer) with key industry suppliers.

Pamela Cargill, Principal, Chaolysti joins the 2018 Solar Business Boot Camp

Pamela Cargill, Principal of Chaolysti, is a top consultant for solar contractors and uses her 12 years of experience working for the largest solar companies in the country to help local contractors achieve success and profitability. She will lead an open forum & workshop, Affinity Mapping Pain Points Exercise, to explore the burning questions and concerns on the minds of all attendees. To conclude the conference, Cargill will guide attendees through building their own plan to improve their business. This session includes “office hours” where each participant will get 10-15 minutes to get personalized feedback, critique, coaching, or suggestions from various speakers and event participant business leaders.

pamela cargill

Topics Include:

  • Lowering Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Streamlining Customer Service
  • Parts and Labor Saving Strategies
  • Energy Storage Proposal Basics
  • And More!

Who Should Attend:

  • Solar business owners/operators
  • Solar contractors (residential, small C&I)
  • Solar installers
  • Electrical subcontractors
  • HVAC contractors/roofers

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Solar Builder
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